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Effluent Filters


An effluent filter installed at the outlet of the septic tank, dramatically improves the quality of effluent being discharged to the leaching bed, effectively extending its life. The addition of an effluent filter to all systems is strongly recommended.

Sewage enters the first chamber of the septic tank through an inlet baffle or tee. Most of the larger particles settle out and the effluent enters the second chamber. The second chamber (much smaller than the first) further enhances the settling process. If flows are heavy at times, solids can pass through both compartments and enter the leaching bed. The effluent filter minimizes this. Effluent filters have two main purposes: Assist in the settling of both large and small particles, and help slow down flow to further enhance particle settling before damage is done to the leaching bed.

Intended Use:

  • Improves effluent quality.
  • Extends leaching bed life.


  • Can be used in any septic tank.
  • May be installed in a new system, or retrofitted into an existing tank.
  • Corrosion proof construction.
  • Relatively simple installation.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Filters can be equipped with an alarm to warn that filter needs cleaning.
  • Custom and standard sizes available from many manufacturers (contact us for a quote).

We offer maintenance contracts for your effluent filters, we will clean your filter and inspect your system for problems twice a year. This service is available on a per call basis or we offer a yearly program where we automatically come and do the service for worry free operation of your system. Give us a call for more information about this service.