Maintenance Contract




This is a maintenance contract entered into between ___________________________ and


JDS Enterprises for effluent filter cleaning and septic system inspection for the address ______________________________________. The services provided are outlined below.

(address of property covered by contract)



JDS Enterprises agrees to provide the following services twice a year:


        Inspect and clean effluent filter

        Visual inspection of septic tank

        Visual inspection of leaching bed area

        Test high level alarm (if equipped)

        Inspect pump and alarm (if equipped)



The following payment options per year are available:


(please check one)


q       One installment of $169.50 ($150.00 + HST)

q       Two installments of $98.88 ($150.00 + $25.00 Admin fee + HST 2)

q       12 monthly installments of $17.89 ($150.00 + $40.00 Admin fee + HST 12 )


Postdated checks are required for options 2 and 3.








        Effluent filter must be accessible from ground surface, risers may need to be installed at an additional cost.

        If septic tank location is unknown by customer, we will locate and document location for the homeowner at an additional cost.

        Any repairs needed to system will be documented and costs associated will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

        All permits required for system repairs, changes or upgrades will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

        Payments are non refundable.

        This contract covers a one year period and will be renewed on a yearly basis.

        Some systems may require additional service over and above this contract depending on usage and flow of wastewater.

        JDS Enterprises does not guarantee system performance between service intervals, these services are only preventative maintenance.

        This contract is transferable, written notice is required.

        There will be a $50.00 fee for NSF cheques.





I understand and agree to these terms.





Please print __________________________ ______JDS Enterprises______

(homeowner) (Service provider)



Sign ______________________________ _____________________________



Date ______________________________ _____________________________